This Day's Love

Last night, this guy wrote us a letter—

Photo by Elizabeth Freeman

Photo by Elizabeth Freeman

—because he had seen this photo. This dad. A New Zealander living in India with his wife, Mai, and their little boys. A family tucked above a fair-trade business, living like a band of modest warriors who take care of whoever falls across their path. Including us, when we visited for Volume One.  

Photo by   Calvina Nyugen

Photo by Calvina Nyugen

And to the guy in New York City, that image was enough.

Today, somewhere around Greenwich, two guys are starting a movement to inspire men to be noble fathers—using narratives, interviews, photography, film. And with the talent and heart we see behind it, you can expect to see more of EVERMORE featured here. And the EVERMORE guys, Evan and Kevin. Because no matter how small it is today, we’ll be following close behind.