Sounds of Wanderlust

Andrea Summer VonAllmen talks to Haven, here, about writing and recording for her new album, "Wanderlust." And because Andrea's the most gracious of souls, she gave us an early demo of one of our favorite songs: "Wayward Heart." Enjoy. 

When inspiration or clarity strikes, I record the idea on my voice memo app. Late one night in a sleepy stupor, I wrote/recorded this song and completely forgot about it the next day. I stumbled across it much later. It took me by surprise—broke me all over again. We tracked a quick, one-take demo, just so I could listen objectively and decide if I even liked it. I like it. In this demo, it's bare, unfinished, honest. (I can relate.) 

Wayward Heart (lyrics)

my wayward heart is wearing me thin

somebody told me it was wrong to ever rein it in

i think they lied because where does my desire end

from my wayward heart save me again


my foolish heart has forgotten the pain

of broken promises and the mess that they made

because it moves onto much of the same

from my foolish heart save me again

from my wayward heart save me again

photos by seth halter

photos by seth halter