To Be Home

This wasn’t exactly in the cards—starting an online journal.

We’re a tiny-now-growing studio that had been imagining a life of all print, all paper. We were going to do this the slow way, even throw in some hand-deliveries, some coffee breaks. If it worked, fabulous. If it didn’t? Well, we kept our day jobs. Half of us were in school. The rest of us were crawling after babies or running city markets or households or media companies. Haven was an experiment.

But, it seems! It seems after a half year of traveling, buckling down, iterating and reiterating, collaborating and collecting, the stockpile is too high for just an annual volume. Our drawers are stuffed with photography, good words, poignant moments and stories to tell. And what started as very local is now reaching Denmark, Dorset, Brooklyn and a band of Kiwis we’ve never met but now feel so kindred. It’s humbling and exciting.

So, this is where we’ve landed. An online journal—with plans to produce our next print volume come Summer.

Our hope in all this is that your experience of Haven will be a source of freshness when you’re spent, solace when you crave it, ideas when you’re empty, and connection when you’re wandering around this huge, magnificent earth and just need something that feels like home.

Thanks for coming around. Let’s keep this going.  


Founder || Haven

Photo by Jonathan Willis

Photo by Jonathan Willis